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“Thank you, Lisa. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work and quick responses to my questions. I only have the highest of compliments to say about your service and I will absolutely be passing that on to whoever will listen whenever I have the opportunity to say that your and Kirk’s professional demeanor and incredible work ethics are unbeatable especially when topped with your very thorough easy to understand answers to questions I had and any explanations of what is going on or what to expect. You guys have top-shelf service and I have been passing the word on every chance I get so thank you! I’ve also told 2 other people that have been fighting to get disability to call you after I made sure that they had an actual valid need for disability so I know the one will for sure be in touch and the other said if his lawyer doesn’t work out he will ask me for your information.

So thanks again and I’ll let you know if anything else comes up between now and when the money comes. Otherwise, I’ll just talk to you when I get the first bit of money as I already got the Medicare card from part b yesterday so it seems things are at least somewhat moving along.”


Anthony K.

“Mr. Kirk Thompson has done an excellent job at every aspect of my workers’ compensation case. A lot of lawyers could have chosen not to take on my case due to the intense challenges it presented but Kirk went on to prove it was just a walk in the park. Thanks for all your hard work; it’s been greatly appreciated. I would recommend Kirk any day of the week to anyone.”


Josh H.

“Kirk is a great person to work with! He was very respectful to us and helped us along what seemed to be a long process. We were denied our Social Security benefits and didn’t know we could appeal. After discovering Kirk he showed us how to get what we deserved. Thanks again and thanks for making it as easy as possible!”



“Kirk and his staff were very professional, helpful and supportive throughout the arduous SSDI process. I was nervous prior to my court hearing but once Kirk started presenting my case, I relaxed. His skills in court were amazing. We won! I highly recommend Kirk!”


Michael O.

“They worked hard to get my disability approved… always responded quickly to my concerns and questions… would definitely recommend to friends/family.”


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